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Easily track endoscope reprocessing from checkout to check-in.

At-a-glance dashboard means you always know your endoscope inventory status: available, in use, in reprocessing, or out for repair.

Unique log-in and initialing requirements for team members promote traceability.

Our color-coded hang-time count tells a technician which endoscopes are ready to use and which need reprocessing.

Determine which scopes need to be reprocessed first with our prioritized scope to decontam reprocessing queue.

Easily see where endoscopes are being used and securely check in and out with unique user pins and facial recognition.

Get complete information on each scope, including reprocessing, repair, and use history and detailed analytics.

Sympliant web app virtual scope cabinet showing six scopes in various states of reprocessing.
Accountability each team members pin
prioritization reprocessing queue
Endoscope Tracking Inventory Statuses

Easily integrate your current reprocessors, endoscopes, and soak bins and manage your department workflow in one simple platform.

Sympliant is compatible with all major endoscope models. Effortlessly add or remove scopes to your platform within minutes.

Track and record scheduled reprocessor preventative and corrective maintenance.

Easily send scopes out for maintenance or repair and track history.

Keep a detailed history of soak bin maintenance and compliance.

Quickly view all loaner scopes in your inventory at any given time along with detailed scope analytics.

Easy Add Remove Scopes
Reprocessor Maintenance

Digitally track safety and efficiency progress with analytic tools built for performance-minded GI lab managers.

Conforms to the SGNA Standards of Infection Prevention and Reprocessing Flexible Gastrointestinal Endoscopes.

Easily find detailed data on endoscopes and reprocessing history with simple and intuitive sorting capabilities and cloud-based storage.

Quickly pull and export compliance and history reports from the cloud without hassle or fear of data gaps.

Comprehensive digital auditing tools provide quantifiable infection prevention metrics to ensure uniform completion and documentation of safety protocols.

Quality Control For Lab Managers
Record Keeping
Reporting Compliance Reports
hang time tracking number system redux

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