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Endoscopy done better.

With a mission to improve patient safety by helping endoscopy professionals be more proficient at their jobs, we understood early on that it would not be enough to simply develop another endoscope tracking system. We reimagined the entire endoscopic workflow and developed a system that addresses every task in the continuum of endoscope reprocessing. Revolutionize your GI Lab with Sympliant, the only digital endoscope reprocessing compliance platform.

Sympliant empowers you to:

  • Provide accountability for successfully completing each step for the proper reprocessing of endoscopes
  • Remove the risk of human error associated with managing scope hang-time using primitive methods
  • Monitor key scope metrics such as loaner scopes, mileage & usage history
  • Produce, interpret and recall reprocessing historical reports and data
  • Improve department auditing practices instantly with a state-of-the-art digital audit template
  • Eliminate the ever-accumulating paper burden generated during daily operations

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